6 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi

Anna Karina ve Get Misunderstood

 At which moment? Tell me
 Quite often. Last nigh|in the corridor, for instance
This time you're lying
When I said I wa falling in love with you
 In love? What's that?
 No, I know what that is:it's sensuality                                              
No, sensuality is a consequence
 It cannot exist without love
So what is love, then?
Your voice, your eyes...
Our silences, our words...
 Light that goes...
...light that returns
A single smile between us
In quest of knowledge,I watched night create day...
...while we seemed unchanged
O beloved of all,beloved of one alone...
...your mouth silently promised|to be happy
Away, away, says hate;Closer, closer, says lov
 A caress leads us from our infancy
Increasingly I see|the human form...
..as a lovers' dialogue
The heart has but one mouth
Everything by chance
All words without thought
 Sentiments adrift
Men roam the city
A glance, a word
 Because I love you                           
Everything moves
We must advance to live
Aim straight ahead toward those you love
I went toward you,endlessly toward the light
If you smile, it enfolds me|all the better
The rays of your armspierce the mist
Capital of Sorrow

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